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Five points. The mini trucks are a great investment. They were around $6-7k each when I bought them. I got them under coated and spray in box liners because the paint is cheap. I honestly thought id be happy if they lasted a couple years and we are one the 3rd and they are still going strong. we put more km on them than any other trucks in the fleet. they are incredibly practical. eveything about them was perfectly planned. the fold down box sides, built in tie downs, etc. 24 mpgs in the city.

the kia towner is left hand drive, propane, 2wd and the diahatsiu is RHD 4x4 gas. With winter tires and salt boxes with 3-500 lbs of salt in the back, these things are unstoppable in the winter.

Its a real shame the big manufacturers haven't started building them or selling them here. Maybe Kia, Hyundia, or toyota will fill the market gap eventually. Having local parts and service would be desireable. Shipping parts from Korea sucks.
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