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Back to the original thread subject, I recently demoed a Vantage 48. My opinion is that it cuts great, is nimble, but has more cons than pros for ME. Cons: loading and unloading from trailer are awkward, controls are way too finicky which takes away my control and confidence, did like to tear too much (yes i was careful), cannot adjust deck on the fly like on a Z (i mean being able to mash the foot pedal to avoid a tree root etc without stopping. I have had lumbar surgery and it actuallly feels better to stand than sit for me. However, I have decided to buy a Lazer Z S in the 48. I am going tomorrow to buy it from my dealer.

I just felt I had no confidence on hills on the Vantage. I am 6'2 and maybe felt the center of gravity was too high? Plus, I mow around ALOT of crepe myrtles and other low hanging branches, which caused ducking and weaving on the Vantage. Like someone else said, the Vantage 48 deck is flush with the back tires, so you can't really get super close to posts, trees, signs etc.

I would like to add a vantage for flat jobs, but for now I will stick with my 36 Viking (which I love), and the new Z.
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