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Originally Posted by Lawn Freak View Post
Nope its not my trailer, its a friends trailer. I would like to have a small enclosed if I did enough installs. But that's down the road a ways.

The valves and such, I just install them the way I've always been taught haha. No one around here really uses a prebuilt manifold. The valves we use here, are pretty much rebuildable 99% of the time. On the pipe, I run all 1 inch, 1inch poly laterals and 1inch pvc main. Pull all the wire and pipe with the plow. Never had a problem. The back yard on this job was pretty rocky though so it was a little rough.
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Im not sure how it is down there but up here, when doing irrigation correctly, its supposed to be 1" mainline,3/4" Zone line with no more than 10feet of funny pipe per zone(so 2 feet per head on a 5 rotor zone for exmaple)

Another 'guideline' is using two clamps per fitting side, so on a 't' you would use 6 clamps total. To be honest, the ground is so soft up here(besides clay) we dont need to use pvc, except for valves and connecting to the house, which is usually done in copper anyways.

Where'd you learn irrigation? I mean, being young like myself, theres not a whole bunch that you can learn and master overnight. It takes a lot of troubleshooting, planning, math, and geometry to create a system. I learned working along the guy who installed my system 8 years ago. I worked with him when i was 14 and 15my entire summers.

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