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MT get the 52" lazer, you won't regret it. A 52" lazer will go anywhere a 52" vantage will go. They are both just as wide. Sure the lazer is longer, but that shouldn't matter at all unless you are mowing postage stamp yards. I find it easier on the body to sit, than stand all day. And I'm young and fit too. The vantage sucks on hills and doesn't do well with ditches like a lazer will. The lazer is far easier to get on the trailer and off. The lazer is way faster to raise the deck height, which you need to do alot of mowing around hills and ditches. Plus the standers are too expensive for what they are. You may or may not regret buying a vantage, but I know you won't regret the lazer. If you want the lazer too be smoother get the air front tires instead of no flats and get a grammer seat. The grammer seats are very expensive, but their is bother better. I'm standing by my statements that the lazer is superior, I don't care what anyone on thi thread says. What do all the lco in your area use ztrs, not standers. It's that way, because ztrs are better. This thread just happened to draw out all the stander lovers because of the title
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