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Fertilizer Licenses in Tennessee?

I have contacted the TN department of Ag. They said for a business owner who has not worked under anyone for 2 years that I would need to first pass the cat 3 exam (ortimental and turf) and then I would need so many hr credits of class (24 hours cont ed credits) and then I think pass something else(horterculture lawn and turf). I have the 2 books to study for the exam for cat 3 that I got from UTK.

I already have qoutes on the bond requirements and already have the other insurance requirements.

Is there anyone here that has been through this and could explain to me how this works? Is there somewhere I can go to class that can help me through this process?

I want to be able to seed and fert. If I have employees, do they have to all pass the exam to or only the person applying the fertilizer or seed? If I want them to be able to apply, what are their requirements?

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