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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post

With regards to the tractor. since i am really in the market right now. What size do you think would be benifical for preparing sod, loading dump trucks with soil, and plowing snow(drives and long walkways). Do you think a 35hp machine would work? I am debating between a 45-55hp skid(used) or a 35-40 hp jd tractor brand new either the 3000 or 4000 series e hydro machines. I feel i could use the JD on almost every landscape install and it would eliminate having to rent a dingo on jobs where we cant use large equipment(turf preservation, which pretty much means the if i finance it it would be saving money). Tractors with turf tires can really go anywhere as they only weight about 3k lbs. The skid i am looking at weighs in at about 5500 lbs and im sure its more vertisile, but it has a huge footpath and i dont want to deal with 10 sheets of plywood for each job, as well as turning will tear turf so easily. (time is money)

For hardscaping i was thinking that the skid would be much better so i can move pallets and such, but if i got a 4000 series, id have to just one or two rows off to have the loader lift it, or get a 3 pt hitch pallet forks and they would lift 2500 lbs fine.

The problem with the 3000 series is it only lifts about 1500 lbs. Thats not enough to lift any pallet of material .

I can get the 3020(i think thats the model) with a loader and a back blade for 16000 at my dealer. Or 0 down, 0% for 60 months. (pretty much free money) IT would make the payment 270 per month. Which is like nothing if im going to be using it as much as i plan too.

Give me your 2 cents
I would think the 4000 series would serve you well. "mine" is way too small but its free for me so I don't complain. 1500# lift capacity on the 3000 series is just way too little for what you plan on doing. On the other hand who doesnt need a skid? those are just bada$$...
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