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Dupont has confirmed that the offers they are sending to Imprelis damaged property owners is not a take it or leave it offer. They are receiving counteroffers for property owners who are following the instructions they send out with the offer. Other cost factors such as property value loss, impacts to privacy, additonal costs involved in digging due to utilities, additional costs for matching other trees that may have grown since the time the damaged ones stopped growing, all can be claimed in the counteroffers. The first offers are very basic going of simple formulas that don't take into consideration things like the loss of the money you put into the maintenance of the shrub/tree through the years up to death (that money you spent is now wasted since Imprelis damaged your tree you were faithfully maintaining) or things like the difference in cost between when it stopped growing and what it should be when you replace it. The initial offers just goes off the measurement at time of site visit. But they know that if you have a row of trees/shrubs and let's say 4 need replaced you aren't going to put it ones that are now 18" shorter than the others that continued to grow, therefore that is to be included in your counteroffer letter back to them.

They are reviewing counteroffers. Their claims process is a process. Patience is needed, but of course as your other trees grow the ones that were supposed to match become more expensive for them to compensate for in counteroffers so they are trying to move as fast as possible from what I was told. Some property owners are leaving the process in order to file in the courts. It's something we all must consider when reviewing their counter proposal to our counter proposal.
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