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Originally Posted by Starbuy View Post
An arborist from Davey Tree told me the figures they've seen from the claims process are too low for the actual work and replacement involved. Some owners finding out after agreeing to what they thought was good compensation that the 15% 'extra' compensation is getting eating up in the replacement process. These are ones who did not counteroffer to make sure they included all their losses and ones who didn't actually get real appraisals of the value loss, costs to dig/replace, costs to make sure the new ones match the new heights of their other shrubs (when they were supposed to match for symetry), and maintenance.
Just relaying what I was told.
Note: I understand Davey Tree also used Imprelis on properties.
Star, again thanks for the information.

I'll wait for my offer and then have the tree company that listed, come out.

I guess I can ask the tree company but if any LCO wants to answer, great. We skipped spring last year and jumped into summer with 100 temps. Does that mean we have to wait till fall to plant trees?
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