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Advice on Lime application

DIY homeowner in peace.

Below are the results of a soil test done last week. This is cool season turfgrass, clippings left, in-ground irrigation, terrain on modest slope, loamy soil. N application is roughly 1lb / 1Kft^2 per year. Total area for this discussion is approximately 3/4ths of an acre. One symptom of note: large sections of the turf exhibit moss growing in among the grass, especially in foliage shaded areas.

One the second page of the report, not shown, Rutgers is recommending pH mitigation via lime at 40lbs / 1Kft^2.

Previously I have used Mag-Turf Pro pelletized lime because it is available locally. However based on the soil test it appears I'm already high on Mg and therefore should instead select a calcitic lime product -- such as Cal-Turf Pro. I have a tow-behind rotary broadcast spreader for my tractor so I need a pelletized lime product.

So: suggestions on pH mitigation strategy, am I going in the right direction? -- and secondarily, suggestions on fertilizer?

Also seems that due to the mild winter and higher than normal soil temps I will have to get the first application of pre-emergent down somewhat earlier.




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