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Did a surprise visit on the guy trimming the palm today. He did not sanitize the tools. Also cutting the hell out of good fronds while tiring to remove the fruit/seed pods. Hack down fronds with just a little brown on the tips. Including a frond near the center with 10" of brown on the tip.

Going to recommend that they look into someone else trimming it.

Got a lot of weed growing in the thatch between fronds. Any good ideas on preventing or kill the weed growth. Spraying higher up the tree could drift onto the plants underneath /surrounding the palm. The growth is probably from ground level to about 6' high.

Also it has one wide leaf fern growing on it. I think it adds personality. However, I would not want it to take over the palm. I see the smaller leafed fern covering the date palms all over. Specifically the unmaintained ones. What do you think keep or remove?

BTW the HO hired a quality spray guy to treat the palm quarterly. When ever we are hired to oversee a property. We always try to give the current maintenance company a chance. But, we always take over some part of the maintenance. I tell the current guys. I don't want your job. I like getting paid to do no almost nothing. If you screw up. Then I have to work to correct you. Spend time to fire you. then take on the work my self and clean up you mess. I guess I should be nicer, I was ignorant at one time myself!
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