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Originally Posted by Tri-City Outdoors View Post
Did a surprise visit on the guy trimming the palm today. He did not sanitize the tools. Also cutting the hell out of good fronds while tiring to remove the fruit/seed pods. Hack down fronds with just a little brown on the tips. Including a frond near the center with 10" of brown on the tip.

Going to recommend that they look into someone else trimming it.

Got a lot of weed growing in the thatch between fronds. Any good ideas on preventing or kill the weed growth. Spraying higher up the tree could drift onto the plants underneath /surrounding the palm. The growth is probably from ground level to about 6' high.

Also it has one wide leaf fern growing on it. I think it adds personality. However, I would not want it to take over the palm. I see the smaller leafed fern covering the date palms all over. Specifically the unmaintained ones. What do you think keep or remove?

BTW the HO hired a quality spray guy to treat the palm quarterly. When ever we are hired to oversee a property. We always try to give the current maintenance company a chance. But, we always take over some part of the maintenance. I tell the current guys. I don't want your job. I like getting paid to do no almost nothing. If you screw up. Then I have to work to correct you. Spend time to fire you. then take on the work my self and clean up you mess. I guess I should be nicer, I was ignorant at one time myself!
This is typical of "tree professionals" in Florida. I have yet to see a 15'+ CIDP that looks awesome. Most have small trunks with small canopies. People water the he'll out of them, don't use proper fert, and take everything off the canopy. If you've ever been out to California, you will see what a nice canary looks like. As far as the ferns go, someone will have to get up in the palm and remove them by the roots if you don't want them anymore. They like the fibrous material and make nice homes on Phoenix palms.
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