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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
I am waiting to see pyrethroids either removed from the shelves in hardware stores or their labels revised to reflect the same restrictions placed on Pro's. Including the one concerning no broadcast applications to outdoor hard surfaces that are open to weather. It is not impossible to imagine homeowners hosing down walkways and patios with pyrethroids just because they saw an ant. That would actually cut down substantially on the bifenthrin running off into surface waters.
Chemicals ought to be removed from hardware stores including ferts. I see people pouring ferts on their turf lawns monthly @ 2 or 3 or even more X the recomended rates. Sometimes they will burn, but usually they water to rival Noah's flood and wash most of it down the road.

Changing the label makes no difference, not to the homeowner. I get e-mail alerts when there is a change to the label, the HO doesn't care. His attidude is; if one is good, 10 is better. I doubt he reads beyond how much to put down.
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