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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
I would say this could be slightly higher for a two man crew that has been up and going for awhile when inlcuding the extras. One should easily be able to run into the $110 to $115K gross range with two men on the route alone.
Throw in some mulch jobs and sod and shrub fert and pest and you are sitting well into the $150/$160 range. I am not saying that the noobie on the block is going to do this offering $65 a month service, but I do not feel with a couple of years in the game these numbers are not out of line for anyone who has any business sense about them.
I totally agree mike. I'm currently grossing $86,580/year on 23 accounts. That is just base maintenance. I do fert for about 8-10 of those accounts. I also have a few customers that have me do work 2-3 times per year, and ive also done 2-4 installs year plus all the other extras. I'm def not at full capacity either. So, I agree your numbers are right on.
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