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Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
Just keep a eye on your net Diamond and you will be alright. Your numbers are good IMHO based off the number of accounts that you have. The gross can grow as high as you want it but it is maintaining the net that gets a little harder with every account because your expenses do nothing but climb. Still I am not sure about others but I think your gross looks overall good for you as this is what your third or going into your fourth year?
Yea, I've been in biz for 3.5 years, so I'm in my fourth. Also, the past 3 years I have purchased a lot of equipment as well. Expenses do go up but only to a point. Like you, I'm trying to pick up more biz where I am already at. So drive time doesn't get affected, and the only variable costs that go up are fuel directly related to the property and labor. Your fixed expenses cost you less the more you take in(again, to a certain level. If you add another crew, you need more insurance and what not). I don't know if I will ever add on a second crew though.
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