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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
No she stuck with me. She thought the quote was ridiculously low and almost comical and desperate. I still have the door hanger. In fact she is getting a price increase to $40 or $45 per mow or a prepay discount not sure yet. The grassy swell is a PITA and a corner lot grassy swell to boot. The rest of the lawn is manageable and small but itís over fertilized and mulch mowing is more of a hassle than bagging frankly.

I like the first cut idea at a lower price but it needs to be firmly phrased they are forfeiting a quote for service until after the lawn is mowed. I think this is best left on a coupon type offer. It is a zero obligation offer but truly geared towards those looking for continued service.
And this illustrates the point that I made. Customers are not just looking to save money, and good lawn mowing services are not just mow and blow.
The lowballer that put the doorhanger with the 24.99 quote on this customer's door would not do as good a job.

Go look inside a fine restaurant filled with people spending 30.00 each for a good meal. Do you think that these people do not know that they could eat fast food for 8.00 each?

Directing your advertisements toward people who are looking for a quality continued service is one thing. Directing your advertisement toward people looking for low prices is another thing. Sure, you can do both, but it seems to me that you will do better focusing on one or the other.
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