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Unless a client sees your work on a ZERO obligation first cut, regardless of price $20 whatever, how are they going to know what your quality is like. Unless...they have seen your work else where. This has worked both ways for me. Neighbors of my clients will often say, “hey your lawn service makes your lawn look the best on the block”. This has happened countless times.

In another thread I posed the issue of intro or demo cuts and I was frankly criticized “we all know what a mowed lawn looks like”....all things being equall sure good point. But I'm NOT equall.

My quality is really better. My mowers don’t rut, I use only WB’s at under 400 pounds, sharp blades daily, I bag in the early morning dew and damp conditions and only mulch mow when lawns dry out.

If I won the lottery and hired a lawn service I would NOT hire them unless their quality of cut and burn scalp free edging matched mine. I don’t get the price shoppers getting multiple quotes with out see the actual work on their own lawn or else where.....?

Only a few other LCO’s in my area can match my edging which is clean cut vertical and summer “burn free” and no scalping into the crowns. This is huge problem in hiring and finding someone who can edge like me. Most cutters here scalp mow and rarely cut above 2.5”. My default height is 3.0” and if the client will tolerate it in the summer I go 3.5” and even 4"
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