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Originally Posted by Kiril View Post
Guessed based on pic. Zooming in, it looks like it could be a mix, but that still doesn't change that I would have left it alone ... mix or not.
It's complicated.

At the same time we moved to this home in the spring of 2009, a new septic system was installed in the back yard. The back yard, naturally, was completely torn up by both the septic/leach excavation and the heavy equipment. A section of the front yard was damaged as well, because it was used as a thru-fare for the heavy equipment.

The areas that were displaced were amended with about 3" to 4" of topsoil, seeded, and today stand very nicely.

So the back yard plus a sub-section of the front yard look fantastic. In fact, I did two separate soil tests last week, one for the front and one for the back. The soil test at the top of this thread is for the front yard, and the accompanying soil test for the back yard shows nothing out of whack (pH is 6.75 and macro/micro-nutrients are "in the optimum zone").

The seed in the "new" sections (including most of back yard and some of front yard) is Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra -- this is a TTTF mix ((link). The turfgrass in the "old" sections (small portion of back yard and about 60% of front yard) is unknown variety, but it is definitely a lighter green species than the JG-BBU.

So my yard, to paraphrase Dickens, is a tale of two soils and two grass types.

I will continue amending/fertilizing the front yard, and overseeding with JG-BBU as well, until it too is fully healthy.




The worst part of the lawn is off to the right/rear of the last picture above -- characterized by blotchy growth, interspersed moss and weeds (mainly crab and a low-growing vine-like weed), and generally poor/unhealthy appearance.
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