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MUCH appreciated!

Originally Posted by MyYardPeople View Post
DUDE.. You are killing it. I love the motivation and love the approach that you are using basically saying I am here when you need me.. I am not a fan of door to door because what little time I have at home I like spending it with my lady, but if someone said "Hey I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to drop this off in person" then I would respect that a little more. Love the approach and might use it and adjust for my area. Good work and keep it up
Thanks guys! Made my night!

MyYardPeople, yeah man...take whatever you can from me and critique it to YOUR style!

THIS IS WHY I came to this site. To fellowship with other business people in our trade. I'll LITERALLY GIVE YOU the shirt off my back if it will HELP anyone because that is how I was raised (actually DOING the COMPLETE opposite of my step dad and real dad, what losers).
What COMES AROUND most DEF Goes around.

Oh and Doug, you just might want to try it out as well! You can cover SO MUCH area in less time. The cool thing I like about covering all that area is when people drive by AND walk by you they SEE confidence! They see a guy with a hand full of ads walking door to door. AND you get to smile at those driving by and sometimes wave and simply greet the ones walking by with a nice simple "Hi" or Hello", etc...

Most people WANT TO KNOW what YOU ARE DOING in their neighborhood...if you carry yourself well, greet the ones walking down the sidewalk or street, look at the people in cars driving by and smile or nod your head...that's HALF the sell!

Thanks again guys for the encouragement.
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