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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
I know $14k seems high, I try to look at the positive benefits. Would really help set me apart from the average lawn guys around here. There is a member on here who is a few cities over from me, he bought a walker GHS two summers ago, during tht time he almost doubled his lawn accounts, due to gaining customers from the way the walker cut. Set himself apart from others. That's what I'm trying to do.
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I'm all about setting myself apart, but unless these are high end homes, I can't fathom dropping 14k on a mower. Your cutting St Aug, correct? I have used 3 different brands that give St Aug an excellent cut and none of them are even close to 14k. The only way I would contemplate a walker would be as a sub for cutting zoysia and hybrid Bermuda instead of using a reel, but since the reel costs way less and a rotary can't match the cut I still wouldnt buy one.
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