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Originally Posted by ecurbthims View Post
the pto parts its made from are tough ,it should last a long time in this application .How heavy is it?
Imma jump in here cause I got too dang many years of experience dealing with the notorious gansters (YES I said Gansters) that create and manufacture sulkys. I call them gangsters because they are shifty and just like when you go the Kage get very little information and you have to confront someone to get a price or even how heavy the damn thing is.

I personally hate (and I fling that word about lightly) jungle wheels (A.K.A. Junkgle Wheels). I really dont know what kinda metal on metal, friction purgatory they are living in over there at Junkgle Jim's but they built the most maintenance needy, part devouring P.O.S. my mower has ever had the chore of dragging around. I was forced to use them for almost 7 years with my company's previous owner and hated it the entire time. Everyday greasing, flat tires and overall sloppy except when they are new. After that, they make Jungle Jim rich for parts sales. Maybe I am prejudice but Jungle Wheels = #Fail

On to Proslide XT, Every Friday when I would be sitting there waiting on the boss to cut my check, I would peruse the latest Lawn and Landscape mag and I would always see the Proslide ad. They looked cool and I thought they probably were. When I bought the company in 2008, I bought a used Proslide for 250 bucks. Drove to San Antonio to get it. I was stoked and it worked well generally everyday I had it. I recommend one to anyone that needs a sulky unless you own a gear drive John Deere walk behind.

Thats where I lost my cool with Novae Corp. (Proslide makers) and John Deere. Novae Corp makes the statement that their product is the only sulky that will not void your John Deere warranty. Ummmmmm after a gearbox goes ka-blooey on my John Deere walk behind.....all the sudden John Deere has an issue with my sulky and doesnt want to honor the warranty....I direct them to Novae Corp. which in turn acted like a buncha asses and blew the whole situation off. I LOVE PROSLIDE XT.....I only wish their people had enough BALLS to step up for me and say NO it wasnt our product. #FAIL

On to the Kage dooma hickey....ummm what was it....uhhh oooh yea...another SULKY!

So how heavy is it and will it make a warranty quake in its boots?
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