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I was working a lot last week on getting equipment ready for the season. So far I've
Changed hydro fluid in the lesco and fixing a drive issue with the left wheel
changed oil in the skid sprayer
re-packed bearing on the trailer and cleaned the brakes
fixed hour meter on the kubota
new fuel line and filter for the lesco
washed the mowers

I have yet to:
figure out the electrical problem in my truck. I've hooked up a brake control box (Reese) and it shows that it's hooked up but that i'm not connected to my trailer!? I've added the 40 fuse to stud 1 and still no luck. IDK
power was trailer and waterproof the deckboards
touch up the paint on the trailer
clean the trimmer racks
attach the tool box
clean up the hand helds.

I'm going to buy a honda hxr 217 vka sometime this week. Anyhow here are a couple of photos. I added the sprayer this winter. The photo of the map is a really cool app i found after reading in the business section today (on lawnsite). It's called measure map for iphone and ipad. using google maps you can find the sqftage of any property. It was like $4 and i've played with it today and it's great. I hope it saves me time and fuel in giving estimates.
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