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Been feeling that feeling a lot lately. All of the funds last year were put toward the best used equipment $ can buy. All lined up for the best year ever making the jump past me and 1.5 employees to a 2nd rig (probably only in the peak season). Then one day the rig is gone from storage. STOLEN! So, I am man and I just used the old stuff. Now, I've had several ztrun brake downs and I getting behind.
Also, because everyone asks. I do carry insurance on equipment. But, I did not insured the "new" stuff yet. Mainly because I was not using it and it should have been safe.
Today I'm waiting on a part and I go to lunch. I see a old high school buddy serving me my food.
So, no I would never move on until retirement. It's in my blood! Plus working for the MAN. I don't think I could do that again.
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