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Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
Mowing only is a tough gig right now with all the new people giving it away. So diversify and offer other services to separate yourself from the lawn turds. When your out doing all the work in the heat sometimes it seems better to just go get a job and lose the headaches. The key in my opinion is to get your business to the point where you have a couple employees making you money while you focus on sales and managing the business. I have actually decreased my number of employees and customers and stopped chasing my tail and started offering services others don't, invested in equipment and with less employees less headaches I am making more money. I am now at the point where I need to get a couple more guys again and get my azz out of the dirt every day. If I got stuck just being the head lawn turd on the mower I would consider going back to corporate myself. I made six figures as a suit and tie salesman in the printing industry but got sick of making someone else wealthy. I personally hope I never work for someone else ever again but it's not for everyone.
Good points FL

If all I did was mow, I would want to quit too. Diversity is key in this biz. I have yet to meet a "mow only company" that is successful.

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