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Are there any mower manufacturers that are backing this product?

I like the looks of the bearing setup...trailer bearings on a sulky are a way better idea than what I have seen on other sulkys.

Some of the stuff on this sulky are just plain ol cookie cutter sulky stuff but then you lkook around and notice how it mounts to the mower......ummm does any mower have holes pre drilled where that mount mates up?

awwww man...and dont tell me that crazy permanently attached knuckle on the mount just dangles there when you do a quick release on the sulky?? Holy Crappers Batman... I think you just reinvented the wheel.

The spring suspension.....another idea I really like if Junkle Jims hadnt already beat me outta my knees. I like the idea and would try it in hopes that it works as well as it is crazy looking IDK if I even said that right

I really dont care what sulky it is...if it could stand up to the beating I put down when I go to north padre island and mow in what seems like desert sands conditions, I would buy it. That place is crazy rough on equipment.
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