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Originally Posted by Sprinkus View Post
Hmmm, interesting as I've had zero failures.
What exactly is the problem you're experiencing with them?
I gave up on the SL a few years ago. What attracted me most to them was 1) they had a dual-voltage transformer, very handy when doing pump controls, and 2) the weather station.

Then I started to get erratic programming problems - the controller would start itself at odd times, not start at programmed times, and most of the trouible seemed to be the weather station deciding when the controller should operate. So I isolated the weather station but continued to have problems.

I'm usually a stick-to-it kind of guy, but callbacks were costing too much time and money so I pulled all but 2 of the SL's and went either Pro-C or ESP.

The 2 remaining SL's have been bulletproof for almost 6 years now. Maybe it was a bad series of controllers, but time is money and I felt I was spending too much trying to coax those things along.
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