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Please Help with Terex / ASV PT-80 Hydraulics!


I am a farmer and new to the skidsteer world. Unfortunately we experienced severe flooding from the Missouri River in 2011. We had massive amounts of cleanup to deal with and knew that we would need a skidsteer as one of our tools. Since we knew we would be working in muck, quick sand and other severely adverse conditions, we bought a Terex / ASV PT-80 based on its reputation to perform in such conditions.

We have had the machine since September 2011 and are generally happy with it. It has certainly lived up to our expectations in terms of ability and agility. We have been in conditions I never would have taken dreamed it would go through. However, one point of frustration has been with the hydraulics. Whenever I have an attachment on that utilizes the auxiliary hydraulics, I have problems if I change oil direction during mid-stroke. The speed of the cylinder slows to a crawl. For example, if I have my grapple on and I try to open it partway and then close it, the hydraulics are painfully slow. If I close the grapple all of the way and actually hit the stop on the cylinder, and then open it, the speed is fine. But if I stop opening before the cylinder is fully retracted, the speed slows to a crawl again. It does the same thing with the cylinders on our 6-way dozer blade, so it is not just the attachment.

It is very frustrating that we have to completely extend and retract the cylinders in order to keep the oil flow speed normal. It really impacts our productivity. Our dealer tries hard, but has been carrying the Terex skid for only a short time, so they are still learning. They checked the hydraulic pressures and said they were within specs. I am not sure if they check gallon per minute flow. When the dealer contacted Terex, they were told that this was normal behavior and that they cylinders must extend/retract fully before changing direction. Is that true? It doesn't seem to be the case on other brands of skids that I have seen operate. No one else around here owns a Terex / ASV for me to ask. So I would appreciate it if any of you other PT-80 / SR-80 owners out there can weigh in. It only seems to be in the auxiliary hydraulics; boom and undercarriage operation has always been fine. Since I don't own any high flow attachments, I have only tried the low flow.

I hope some of you fellow owners out there can give me some advice.


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