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Originally Posted by tailboardtech View Post
The only thing I could think of is somthing hanging up in the valve or the selenoids are sticking unfortunately you probably will not find many asv fans here, me being one of them
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Yes, I did read this forum quite a bit before we made the purchase and was well aware of some of the ill feelings toward the ASV brand. We shopped a lot of different brands before we ultimately settled on the Terex. Given the conditions that we were facing and the fact the machine was going working in extreme mud A LOT, features such as the extra ground clearance, open undercarriage design and excellent traction kind of sealed the deal for us. As I said, the Terex has not disappointed in that regard, but there are definitely some aspects of it that lack refinement compared to its competitors.

If I could solve this hydraulic issue, I would count myself as a pretty satisfied customer so far.
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