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Originally Posted by dontsayit_sprayit View Post
My boss has me using ammonium sulfate as a fertilizer for a quick green up. we're only doing 3 applications in the year up here. what are your thoughts on ammonium sulfate as a whole? also in a 3 step program?
How long is your growing season and how much N are you putting down with the ammonium sulfate? Ammonium nitrogen can have a substantial residual in certain types of soil. However, I use it as part of a spoon feeding program on grass that is growing 12 months out of the year. For northern areas, the best use of ammonium sulfate seems to be as part of the winterizer that feeds the grass for the winter and preps it for a good start in spring. I use it because it supplies sulfur and does things to soil chemistry that I need. Unless your soil is based on or is on top of limestone, you need to watch for rising soil acidity. Ammonium sulfate is a very good way to acidify soil.
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