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Originally Posted by MGLawnCare1 View Post
Alright to clear this up they did stop making them about a year or so ago. I just misunderstood the dealer because when I was looking at a demo he had I asked him if you could order me a new one with the 42' deck. He told me he could but they was from his distributor not because they was still making them. I just did not know that. The dealer also told me the red had something to do with Steiner. I want to say they has something to do with the design of the mower or designed parts of the mower. I know the Jacobson model of it said on the side of the hopper "Jacobson by Steiner". The dealer told me I just can not remember right now. Their was also Bunton version of the mower. The dealer said they may still make the Bunton but he wasn't sure. The reason Bob-Cat stopped carrying them because of sales in this mower was not as high as high as their other mowers. Sorry guys I just misunderstand the dealer when I talked to him about it a while back.

Also This model is a ZT125 not ZT100
That's cool, and bunton also no longer makes them as well.
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