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After 16 Years, Finally Got Something Bigger Than a 21"

Well, after 16 years of mowing lawns and almost 300 weekly maintenance accounts, I just purchased our first 36" mower. The only thing I've ever owned that was over 21". I know....I know..... Everyone on Lawnsite cannot fathom doing lawns with just 21" mowers. But in the suburban areas we service, all the lots are about 8,000 sq. ft. and the lawns are around 1000-2000 sq. ft. Most of them are too small for anything but a 21".

But we finally had enough accounts that had large enough lawns to warrant having a little larger mower. So I bought me a nice Gravely 36" today. It's a year or two old, but only has 31 hours on it. Starts right up first pull. Hydraulics and everything work like it's brand new. Nice machine.

We demo'd the Exmark, Gravely and one other brand last year. But the Gravely was the one my crew liked the best. We tried each unit for several days last year. And my crews really liked the controls best on this mower as opposed to the other two they tried. So that's what we decided to buy.

So this being my first 36", I have a question for those of you who use these; I'm assuming we can put a really nice cross-cut mulch kit on this thing and just mulch with it, right? Is there a specific brand or kit that you guys recommend?

Here are some photos of the unit I picked up today....

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