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Thanks we looked at the bad boy the other day and it was solid. We continued looking around and stopped by the Hustler and simplicity dealer trying to find a deal as they all seem to run together after awhile. The Simplicty dealer had a demo of last years zt3000(I think,.1hrs, it looked and felt like a ferris only less $$$) which had the suspension front 44inch cut and B & S els 24hp motor and a 2yr +1yr warranty for $3600. I know that this is a different machine than what I started looking for but my wife likes(she is the mower in the family) the fact that it is new and I liked the fact it was $1-2k less than what we were looking at. Hopefully it will wear well and it was a good buy. So the million dollar question did I get a good deal on a relaible machine????
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