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Originally Posted by madskier1986 View Post
Was looking into the idea when the new first reported 5 dollars a gallon. I like the idea but could not justify the risk.

I am sure we will see four dollar gas prices but they will not hold all summer is my guess. If you are a betting man and want to take a risk of gas prices going high and staying high this is for you. I am just going to make sure my every tank I have are full at all times so when i see high prices I will not need to fill up for about an two weeks.

I do like the fact that you can put the card away when price would fall under 3.90 a gallon and buy it at market price. That is a plus to this program you found.
It has it's ups an downs. If u were using 1,000 gallons a month then I would say yes but for a smaller company probably not.
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