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Layin Stripes- I dont plan on pulling anything more than a 7x16 landscape trailer. Depending on the things work out if i need to pull something larger i have been looking at getting a used F-450 or 550 dump if we have the work load to be able to pay for it. I know how much i have to make before i would invest in one but that wont be this year. I would like to save up the get a 450 or 550 and a Deere 323 at the same time and use it for hardscaping as well as other projects. Thanks for the advice though

Z's- None of the kubota equipment is mine it is all the guy who i work for but both the ZD331's and the M7040 are awesome machines. I would love to run a ZD series mower but just dont see the need for it for me just doing strictly residential this year. When i ran them we only had commercial accounts and those machines took a beating and kept on going. If i ever had some tough accounts a kubota zero turn diesel would be the first machine id buy and plus i gotta good deal on a exmark lazer. As far as the M7040 goes i prefer them over any tractor in its class. I used to be diehard john deere in all tractors but after using this machine i like larger kubota tractors(anything with a gear drive type trans) over john deere. Hopefully within the next year or so i can purchase 1 or 2 and use them for large accounts around me and snow removal in the fall. I know Terra Lawns has 2 and he loves them as well.
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