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Originally Posted by TuffWork View Post
I'm surprised you actually bought a bigger mower, Jim. I use a Walker when I can, but usually get stuck with using the 21" mowers most of the time. I sure wish we could have a commercial version of that Toro 30". Maybe an exmark? Ybravo took a shot at it with the 25", but I heard it was crap.

One question, though. Do you bag everything as of now? If so how do you plan on convincing them to start mulching?

As far as cigars go, I've got a Cohibo I've been saving for the right time. Tonight may be it.
Mulching isn't very popular these parts. Commercial mowing crews do it, but most residential mowing crews do not. Partly because it's so wet for so much of the year that it just isn't very practical. But the second part is that customers pretty much demand that we bag it. It's just how everyone (homeowners) does it around here and so they don't understand that it actually is possible to mulch sometimes, if you have a nice commercial mower that can do it properly.

We mulch in the late spring and summer, on dry weeks. The newer commercial hondas have a pretty sweet cross blade mulch kit on them. We just stick the plug in and keep the bag on. So that way it still looks like we're bagging. Then we never get any complaints. On dry days, you cannot tell we'll mulching. It looks totally clean.

I plan to do the same thing with this mower. Get a really good mulch kid, block off the chute, but keep the bag on.
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