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Originally Posted by GardnerLawn View Post
Well buddy maybe we can help each other out then were pretty close with everything. I started my business part time while I was a full time cop just to make ends meet. A year or 2 in I was making more money part time here than a cops salary. I let my police job go and got licnsed to spray and grew from there. I too am 26 will be 27 this year. I don't make alot of money but were getting by and I pay the house and vehicles plus whatever else by my business and have nothing left. Anyways I'm Brandon and sounds like maybe we can help each other with some pointers along the way. I'm in Marion Arkansas and will be finishing up my college this year part time as well give me a shout sometime my number is 901-301-9383 text is fine or email is
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I just sent you an email. Feel free to ask me question,concerns,and i will do the best to answer them in what i have experienced.
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