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Nice, Hell I wish all I had to mow with was a 21". A friend of mine has a highly productive solo route with a 21" mower. Sometimes if its mulchable I will leave my catcher on my 48" and let it fill up and mulch the rest..ya know really go the extra I have had a hard time convincing customers that a larger walk behind CAN bag as well as a 21". Things can get pretty wet here depending on the season and people associate bagging with a small mower and want nothing but that. I also think alot of ppl on Lawn Site highly under estimate the ground you can cover with a 21" I maintained a property the we had to carry two mowers up stairs and thru a gate and back out with the clippings that was big. Two ppl getting it a fast pace would knock it out it fast enough that we just did it like that. I considered taking apart a 36" or 48" reassembling it and storing it up there then the estate changed
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