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Originally Posted by choc View Post
Dealer is NCS Equipment in Lincoln, NE. As I said above, they have tried to be helpful, but they just picked up the skid line less than a year ago after it had been rebranded Terex, so they are still getting to know it.

I heard that the ASV team did not transfer to Terex after the buyout, so they lost a lot of their "institutional knowledge" regarding these machines. Is that true or did they bring over ASV engineers in the buyout?

I am glad to hear that this problem is not typical of these machines. At least that gives me hope that it can be corrected.

Thanks for the replies!
The guys you will talk to if you call the number in my previous post are most definitely still "ASV" from prior to Terex's buyout. They can walk you through your questions. They have been very helpful in the past when I have called them.
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