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Originally Posted by Lawn Freak View Post
Heck yeah thats awesome man, I hope to get myself setup nice for irrigation work this season. Just some way to organize my parts real nice and probably an air compressor for the blowouts. Got a deal right now where I can pick up a 100cfm tow behind compressor for 900 bucks if the deal goes through. The guy who is selling it is supposed to let me know before noon tomorrow. So we'll see, I'm not really counting on it though, I'll probably just end up with a skid mount compressor for the bed of the truck. Which would be fine too, more portable and less convenient for someone to take off with, as my work truck has a locking tail gate. So either way, before fall I will have to have a compressor.
It would be neat to set up a 3/4 ton truck with a utility bed for all your irrigation parts. Or a small enclosed trailer. Or a large enclosed trailer, depending on how much irrigation work you do lol.
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