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Originally Posted by KS_Grasscutter View Post
Yep, been going on cleanups for a couple weeks. Got a bunch of seeding to do, as well as my first round apps to do next week. And still have to pass out a few hundred more door hangers.

Hopefully I make enough to put dual exhaust and a leveling kit, as well as wheels and tires on my pickup this year haha. Also need some other things like an engine for my old work truck (the 84 Chevy, its getting resurected), a new aerator, and before next season I'd love to get a 200 or 300 gallon skid sprayer, with an enclosed trailer for it to live in , so I can go to doing liquid first rounds apps so I can blanket spray weeds at the same time.
I just dont wan to hope that i make enough, i want to make enough undoubtably so i can have nice things. I dont want to have to budget to by personal items. I work hard and pay myself good(separate from company profits) With my personal money i buy things that i love to do, boat, jet skis, vacations. With the company money i rarely buy things and when i do, i fix them up right when i get them, my f450 project last spring) and i forget about them. I am always fixing them, maintaining them, and preventing break downs, but im not investing money mods.

Since i fixed up my dump truck. Made it look like new again. I havent spent a dime on trucks(9 months total since i spend anything on my trucks). Since then, my bank account hasnt been withdrawled from except for needs. I am all for living once and making your trucks look sick. but do it all at once and leave it!

I guess, what you do with your own time is none of my business, but it seems stupid even if you are doing all the work yourself to keep tearing things apart mid week/weekend and working on them while you need the truck tobe working. Id much prefer to buy a truck, do all the mods on it i want righ t away and then put it to work so i dont have down time with my trucks.

Im just blabbing now, im just trying to help. Not trying to be a dick by any ways. I just used to live like you, constantly modding lights, exhuast, and sheeet like that. Now i dont touch any mods in my trucks. I get them washed prob 3 times a week and keep them detailed and clean and professional.

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