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Originally Posted by caseysmowing View Post
Hope this ends up in the right place. I just finished reading all 46 pages and making a list of things I'll need on my truck. This will be my first season in the bus. I've already got my license, insurance, and equipment. I put a ad in the paper and passed out bus cards. Still waiting for my first mowing account. I'm not too worried about it I know God will provide for me. By the way I love all the men of faith on here. I went a little over board on the equipment for just starting out but I have a full time job now that I would like to be able to walk away from some day. So I figure I would buy it now so I don't have to worry about spending alot of money once I'm on my own. I went with all scag equipment (34kh 61 cheetah, 48 vride 24fx, and a sfw 16bv 36in). I also have all stihl hand tools that I have bought over the years. I know alot of people on here will think I'm crazy for spending that kind of money starting out but at sometime you will need that much stuff. Having it now will save me time that I won't have that much of since I have a full time job also. All under warranty for a few years means no costly repairs (hopefully). Two of the mowers I got at a very good price and I paid cash for the other is 0% for two years and I can afford it with any accounts so why not? I would like to thank the guy who started this thead for the good info and lives saved. Casey
GOOD FOR YOU Casey! You'll do just fine bro! God HAS your back, NO doubt!

...and about "what others may think"? I was on a different thread here a week ago back and it got pretty heated. I got pretty BRAZEN with some "mouthy" and "cocky" veterans in the Biz who think they are God. The comments got deleted. Young punks and old heads, it didn't matter who they were but what DID matter to me is how they "thought" they could throw out their 2 cents of pride and god complex to make themselves "feel good".

I came here as a new biz owner. This Spring is my first year, did all the door to door business post card planting and actually have a mulch bid this afternoon at 1pm. Purchased my mower used and other equip. new. Spent just over 3k for everything, trailer and misc. stuff included along with the LLC.

The ONLY One you need to remember whose "thoughts" really count or what "they" may think IS The Lords...cause every other thought contrary is nothing but a test/trial of faith. GOOD FOR YOU that God blessed you to be able to get ALL THAT STUFF! Hit 'Em Hard bro. cause you'll do just fine! Oh, and I have the same literally walk away from my day job (solo operator and planning on keeping it that way) God Bless bro!
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