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I ran into the same as the OP this year. This is actually the first year I have been approached by of my customers (10 or more so far), wanting to know what I would charge, as they are unhappy with their TG service. First was a 90k sq. ft. nursing home property. After I gave my proposal, I was at first dumb-founded to see TG priced it at $140.00 per app, INCLUDING grub control. In fact, on their contract, every application reads 'fertilizer, broadleaf weed, insect and crabgrass control. (as needed/ weather dependent). SO, with that said, I simply ask my customers what they are getting for their money...To date, I have not had one customer who even has a clue what TG is putting on their property. "For all I know, they are watering my lawn. They are only here about 5 minutes, I dont think they do the whole lawn" was one customers reply. One customer has had service for 6 years with TG (showed me invoices) on turf and shrubs/ trees. With this customer, In our initial walk around, I found hardshell scale on plants, large patches of crabgrass in the lawn and signs of grubs (crows and animals tearing up the back lawn pretty bad). I guess you get what you pay for.
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