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its that time of year where they have hired on all those new sales people who will be gone in a few months. the sales person has to sell so much to even keep the job, atleast thats how it was when i was a tech for trugreen. most of the sales people that they bring in have no clue what they are talking about, they probally sold vacums or cars the week before.. lol. that was my biggest complaint to my boss. The sales person would lie on the square footage to get the price low to get the sale and we were stuck with an under priced yard. and the goals went up every year. i would have to do 40-50 yards a day if i wanted saturday off. shitty pay for the amount of work you would have to do.

for entertainment it was fun to go in to the salesroom to make my call aheads for the next day and listen to the crap the sales people would say to the people on the phone. it was always good for a laugh.

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Did a quote for a customer who has 36K and I was at 180.00, TG.......77.00. Seriously, they are at about $2/K. Ridiculous!!!
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