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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
Post some pics of your setups...I'd like to see them...I love me some gadgets!
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I don't want to steal the Spray Boom thread but here is a picture of my Fire Ant spray truck. I actually do enough Fire Ant Control to justify a second dedicated truck for Fire Ants as a one man band. This is a picture of my Chemical injector. I tank only clean potable fresh water and only mix by injecting the Insecticide right at the the hose reel.

This next Picture is my home made manifold for changing chemicals on the fly. A real advantage with injector systems. Chemical # 1 is the every day repellent insecticide that just about every one uses for Fire Ants here in Fla.

Chemical Two is a Ric Mix of NON REPELLENT INSECTICIDE AND A CAKE MIX. which acts like a bait to attract insects. This I will band spray on large properties for a more economic control.


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