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Originally Posted by KPZ Enterprises View Post
im sure someone has asked u this already thegoldpro but how do u like that hurricane blower? y did u choose that route rather than say a grasshopper mower n the blower attachment? i really dont want to add more walk behind blowers since i think the hurricane blower or the grasshopper w/blower will be more productive.
I love the hurricane blowers, The thing i love most about them is they are small and compact and i can easily fit 2 of them on my trailer as well as 2 60 inch mowers for fall time.

I used to have a Toro grounds master with the blower on it and it was huge to say the least. When we would use the Toro we had to bring 2 trucks and trailers to each house to get everything we needed for the clean-ups. We can now fit 2 60 inch z-mowers as well as Both our hurricanes on one trailer.

Here is a pic to show you how much smaller the Hurricane is then the toro blower. Also the hurricane althoe small is twice as strong as the Diesel toro when blowing leaves.
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