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Well, let me get my crystal ball polished and see.
What you're 'asking' is entirely too hypothetical and way too many variables to come up with an honest or real answer.

How many clients are you going to have?
How much are you going to charge for each aspect of your work?
Are you going to be dedicated to your work.
Are you going to do quality work.
Do you have a license to do applications?
Are you going to run an honest, tax paying, licensed, insured business, or take what you can get in your pocket and spend it this weekend?
How long is it going to take to build your client list?
You going to keep your clients happy, or are you going to lose half of them in a months time?
What is your particular areas competition like?

I've just scratched the surface.

How much can you make?
How hard are you willing to work?
How hungry are you?

Dedication, sweat, and quality, will determine what you can make.

First year, squat, baloney sandwiches, beans, spaghetti.
Second year, a little breathing room, add cheese to your sandwiches maybe meatballs to your pasta.
Third year, it's up to you . . . . . . .
Rustic Goat
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