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The logo really stands out, the rest of the site has a crisp clean look to it. Maybe remake it from a higher resolution copy.

For the most part, visually I like the site. I would like to see less "bounce" on the slider on the home page for when you click on an item and it fills, but do like that.

You should run each page through a validator, especially since it looks like you hand coded your site. You will see from the results that there are some simple issues (big one is that your file in encoded one way, yet you define it as two other ways). Most of them look like an issue of probably re-using old HEAD tags in the new design that do not work with HTML5 (big hint here is you have a "Copyright 2009" in there...)

Also just curious as to why you would tell the page to refresh every two minutes? Since it isn't valid for HTML 5, not sure it if browsers will do it anyhow.

None of your pages are using main Heading tags (H1 and H2 at least were not found.) You use H4, which when it comes to a search engine, weigh a lot less. You should start with a H1 that gives a brief, yet keyword filed description of what this page is about (yeah, that can be fun balancing out, I struggle in that area).

Were you intending to do something with the items under "Why Choose Lynden Lawn Care" on each page, other than "Professional Commercial Grade Equipment" linking to (which I didn't get the point of), none of them link anywhere. It will probably frustrate users thinking that they SHOULD be seeing something about each item since it is a link.

Spelling issues and link problems were numerous, so I just included the report here.

Good job on having server side validation on the forms, however at the very least you should adjust the formatting, as the limited width makes them wrap and more difficult to read. Best method would be to display these ON the form with their information already filled out. While most people would hit the back button and most browsers would have the form filled like it was, some people will not and will re-click the Contact Us form (was surprised in a study for a clients site where I worked once how many people did that instead of hitting back)

The request a quote page is the same thing (visually to the user) as the contact us page.

Titles for each page for best SEO (and to let the user know where they are) be unique to each page. Same with description. See

Hope these help ya in making the site better!

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