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Originally Posted by greg8872 View Post
Were you intending to do something with the items under "Why Choose Lynden Lawn Care" on each page, other than "Professional Commercial Grade Equipment" linking to (which I didn't get the point of), none of them link anywhere. It will probably frustrate users thinking that they SHOULD be seeing something about each item since it is a link.
If you are going to have links to external sites, I'd recommend having them pop in a new tab/window. No sense in showing someone the exit door.

- Over the home page testimonials, what are the giant circles with A and B in them? If it's to signify something similar to 1 and 2, my design eye think it's an over-engineered element.

- I'd really think about combining the contact and quote pages. There's no reason to have them as two pages.

- Logo-wise, I'd work with the original art and try to find a better, more seamless integration of the "The Property Maintenance Professionals" tagline by matching the white of the logo, or vice versa.

Other than that, and the issues Greg points out (especially the H1 and other SEO issues), looks good to me.

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