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Originally Posted by Ric View Post

Z Turn is neighbors with a Large Family Owned and run Sod company, That I do Pesticide work for. When the Economy crashed they had to change direction from doing mostly New Construction to selling Renovation work.

My point is, To hold down cost They have me kill out the existing turf and Lay sod right over top of it. Yes at first I wasn't a Believer either and didn't feel it was the right way to do things. But it does turn out pretty good. Really bad yards that are un-level don't get leveled and that is the only down side. If the yard is Level then no problem and they do cut out near side walks to maintain Grade.

Ric I had a customer that had a Bahia/weed mix. They killed the front, I cut what was there low on my mower and the new sod was laid on top. After 3 years, the only weeds are some sedge, a little CG, and a little bermuda. Maybe 3% of the entire 10-k. The lay overs work very well IMO.
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