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what part of west ga? i live around cobb county. in my opinion i wouldn't finance a new exmark. i would look for a used walk behind and pay cash for it, much cheaper and usually you can find a decent machine. i'd work with the craftsman till i had the cash. (but, thats just me..) i'd start with something that could get through gates like a 36" walk behind, then later on move up to something bigger so you still have the 36" to get through gates. i'd somehow try to find out what others are charging in the area you are gonna be working, to get an idea of what to charge. now is the time people are starting to think about the lawn here. i would start getting flyers out now.

also, i wouldn't do it without a liability insurance policy.. you never know what could happen.

Originally Posted by presnallawncare View Post
My brother and I are looking to start up a part time lawn care business in West Georgia. We have the cash to buy all new equipment except for a mower. We currently have no accounts and are having some business cards and flyers made up at the moment. I have tons of questions and don't want to go into this blindly. We both have good full time jobs and are just looking to get maybe 10-20 accounts to service after 5 on weekdays and on the weekends. We have been considering buying a new exmark mower from a local dealer since we have excellent credit and they are offereing 0% financing for 24 months, but feel that would be too much of a risk given we are a start up. So we have decided to borrow a craftsmen riding mower for now. What suggestions would you guys have about buying a mower for a first year start up? Of course we would like to get some steady work then upgrade, but to what? We plan on targeting residential neighborhoods with no more than 1/2 acre lots. Also, what forumla can be used to bid jobs? We want to stick strictly to mowing, trimming, edging, and blowing. Maybe occasional hedge trimming or tree removal (my uncle runs a firewood business and bids tree removal jobs from time to time, so he would come into the picture here). Also, does anyone know about what time of year customers begin to need lawn services in my area? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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