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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
i'm thinking about starting out with applications without offering mowing. i just can't see how one can make money mowing these days. would rather spend 2k to 3k on a good aerator, rather than a mower. and i think applications could be more flexible to somebody working another job while trying to get going full-time, because your not gonna have to be out there every single week. i figure it would take longer to get to that "quit my night job" point. however, i would think that it would be easier to pick up customers that want applications rather than grass cutting. anyone else start out this way the past few years?

I am a Fert & Squirt only guy. My advice is to find the best Fert & Squirt Company in your area and Train under them until the Economy turns around. This is not the best time to start a business and the Training you get working for the man will make you that much more successful when you do go in Business. Un-like Mowing, Fert & Squirt is a SKILLED TRADE, treat that way by getting the proper training.


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